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Solving one of America’s biggest problems

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It’s Time to Think Differently About Retirement Income

By 2030, 1 in 5 people will be retired. This means your parents, neighbors or friends could soon begin their retirement journey, if they haven’t already. They’ve made it to retirement—but are they prepared to make it through retirement?

In today’s market, families are experiencing:

  • Uncertainty, due to cuts in defined benefit plans and the unknowns surrounding Social Security and Medicare
  • Emotional stress, at the prospect of outliving their money
  • Instability, as market volatility and path risk create fluctuations in portfolio lifespans

While current retirement planning tools have lots of features, most are focused on accumulation, rather than sustainable retirement income. And they lack the speed and flexibility to use with clients in real-time.

For most clients, this creates a considerable gap in planning—and in peace of mind.

That’s why we created JourneyGuide.

Built from the start with advisors in mind, JourneyGuide is the culmination of years of industry expertise, research and analysis, modeling, and collaboration with leading academics.

On the surface it’s fast, easy-to-use and interactive. Under the hood, you’ll find unmatched power and depth.

The JourneyGuide Leadership Team

The JourneyGuide leadership team is comprised of financial services and technology industry veterans with over 72 years of combined experience in financial planning, software development, and sales and business development.

Scott Fergusson

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Fergusson

Scott Fergusson is a 25 year veteran of the financial services space and brings this experience and guidance to the JourneyGuide team as it grows.

Scott is a serial entrepreneur, notably in the data aggregation space, co-founding Investigo, which was acquired in 2008 by Broadridge Financial Solutions of New York. At Investigo, Scott and his team pioneered in the field of financial data aggregation, with 4 US patents covering how information and process are used to help advisors and their firms work smarter and more efficiently.

As a former advisor, Scott immediately saw the value that JourneyGuide brings to financial planning by helping the advisor provide real expertise that is collaborative with the client. Combining this with ease of use that requires no training means more advisors actually use the tool to help clients retire and plan with confidence.

Michael Smith

Co-Founder, Chief Solution Architect

Michael Smith

Michael is one of JourneyGuide’s co-founders and the principal architect of the algorithms powering JourneyGuide. He has overall responsibility for the product’s design and future roadmap to ensure that JourneyGuide is equipping advisors with the best tool available to guide their clients to a better retirement.

It’s clear that millions of people are not prepared for retirement and need assistance in making better decisions. The driving force behind Michael’s work is to provide that assistance and a clear view into how risks in retirement can be best mitigated.

Michael pulls from his 17 years of experience at Goldman Sachs in New York building trading and investment management systems. He also holds a US patent for his work in portfolio modeling and optimization. Michael combines his background in higher mathematics and financial services to continuously research new ways to help retiree’s gain perspective and understand their retirement future.

Jeff Rocke

Co-Founder, Chief R&D Officer

Jeff Rocke

Jeff Rocke co-founded JourneyGuide with the understanding that retirement income planning is the hardest problems to solve. Throughout his distinguished career in estate law and insurance, Jeff has been optimizing results for advanced planning professionals and their clients using risk integrated analytics. He understands that retirement is fraught with risk and even the best planners are challenged to deliver a retirement plan that solves for the greatest risk facing the mass affluent – longevity. Clients need the juice of investment for growth before retirement, but they also need the confidence they won’t run out of money.

For years Jeff has known that annuities can marry growth with stability to reduce volatility. Thanks to JourneyGuide, advisors and their clients can now see that impact with their own eyes. JourneyGuide proves that annuities improve the chances of success in retirement so that clients won’t run out of money.

Jeff remains focused and committed to continue improving the software so that advisors can take the retirement conversation with their clients to the next level. Jeff won’t stop looking for better solutions because retirement is one of the biggest problems to solve. Jeff is also a long-time member of the prestigious Association for Advanced Life Underwriting, and has been a frequent speaker at Million Dollar Round Table meetings.

Charles E. Clark

EVP, Sales & Marketing

Charles E. Clark

Charlie is in charge of sales and driving sales activities into the independent advisor and enterprise channels. He is also responsible for marketing and promoting JourneyGuide to independent financial advisors who focus on helping affluent and mass affluent clients achieve success with their retirement goals. His additional marketing responsibilities include creating brand awareness and driving lead generation for the company.

Charlie believes in JourneyGuide’s mission of helping advisors create smarter retirement plans for their mass affluent clients. He believes we are living on an age that has produced the greatest financial technology the industry has ever seen, and yet the gap between those on track to have a successful retirement has grown and is bigger than ever in our history. He believes JourneyGuide is the right technology to solve the retirement crisis for the mass affluent.

Charlie brings over 20 years of building high growth sales and business development teams for market leading web-based technology companies, such as Ernst & Young, VerticalNet, and Orbitz. Prior to his arrival at JourneyGuide, Charlie was in charge of sales and business development at eMoney Advisor. He also has advised the CEO’s of market-leading financial technology companies on sales strategy and sales model development. His sales teams have sold financial technology to over 50,000 independent financial advisor firms.