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It’s Time to Think Differently About Retirement Income

By 2030, 1 in 5 people will be retired. This means your parents, neighbors or friends could soon begin their retirement journey, if they haven’t already. They’ve made it to retirement—but are they prepared to make it through retirement?

In today’s market, families are experiencing:

  • Uncertainty, due to cuts in defined benefit plans and the unknowns surrounding Social Security and Medicare
  • Emotional stress, at the prospect of outliving their money
  • Instability, as market volatility and path risk create fluctuations in portfolio lifespans

While current retirement planning tools have lots of features, most are focused on accumulation, rather than sustainable retirement income. And they lack the speed and flexibility to use with clients in real-time.

For most clients, this creates a considerable gap in planning—and in peace of mind.

That’s why we created JourneyGuide.

Built from the start with advisors in mind, JourneyGuide is the culmination of years of industry expertise, research and analysis, modeling, and collaboration with leading academics.

On the surface it’s fast, easy-to-use and interactive. Under the hood, you’ll find unmatched power and depth.

The JourneyGuide Leadership Team

The JourneyGuide leadership team is comprised of financial services and technology industry veterans with over 72 years of combined experience in financial planning, software development, and sales and business development.

Michael Smith

Co-Founder, President

Jeff Rocke

Co-Founder, Chief R&D Officer

Charles E. Clark

EVP, Sales & Marketing