Differentiate yourself and deliver better advice within your retirement plans

A New Approach to Retirement Planning

JourneyGuide’s unique features separate it from other software in the marketplace—and you can use it to separate your business from the competition.


Getting the answers to questions like “How much can I spend in retirement?” can now be done in real-time, collaboratively, with the client right beside you. JourneyGuide leverages proprietary algorithms to run thousands of simulations with lightning speed, so you can immediately show your client the effect of changing key variables in their retirement plan. You won’t need to say, “I’ll get back to you,” any more.


The impact of when one takes Social Security is demonstrated instantly with JourneyGuide. Other guaranteed income streams like pensions and annuity benefits are extremely simple to include. Current annuity pricing is integrated directly into the tool, unlike any other software. JourneyGuide illustrates the findings of our research with leading universities - there is a balanced approach to blending investments with guaranteed income to improve retirement outcomes.


A single graph clearly demonstrates how different plans will likely perform across potential market outcomes, allowing for a true understanding of the tradeoffs between plans. The client gets clarity into how much income they can achieve with each plan, in favorable as well as unfavorable markets. And, if the client has “what if” questions, key variables can be changed and results are produced instantly.


JourneyGuide’s concise and easy-to-understand reports are managed through a dashboard that can assist meeting your fiduciary responsibilities. You’ll have a record of everything you showed your clients, and the clarity of the reports helps ensure they really understand what was discussed. JourneyGuide’s clear, repeatable process helps you build a plan that everyone can understand.