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Interactive Planning

Run thousands of simulations at lightning speed so planning can be done in real time with your clients

Impact of Guaranteed Income Streams

Introduce guaranteed income streams and see the impact on retirement outcomes with current annuity prices directly integrated

Visually Compare Plans

View charts that show how different plans will likely perform across potential market outcomes, allowing for a true understanding of tradeoffs

Report Dashboard

Manage your concise and easy-to-understand reports through a dashboard that meets fiduciary requirements

Social Security Calculation

Calculate clients’ Social Security benefits at each possible age using only their Primary Insurance Amount and, if eligible, determine best route for claiming spousal benefits

Robust Tax Calculation

Determine taxes based on income and capital gains generated and the corresponding graduated tax brackets for both Federal and State (where appropriate)

Spending Taper

Adjust client spending at certain ages to take into account how spending behavior changes during retirement

Rigorous Analysis

Use proprietary algorithms to run Monte Carlo simulations and apply Cholesky decomposition, path risk, tail risk, and many other important considerations – all in one analysis

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