Journey to JourneyGuide

When I first met the JourneyGuide team, it was just to share my experience. I had zero intention of getting involved … but now, it’s my world.

Back when things were getting started, I was asked to talk to the team because I had done similar work leading the development and launch of decision-support software.  I spent the day with Tim Ash, Jeff Rocke and Michael Smith, and I was blown away by their passion for their mission.  They genuinely wanted to help people have the retirements that they dreamed of and deserved… it wasn’t about making a ton of money. The idea was, in the end, “we’ll do well by doing something good.” It wasn’t long after we first met that they told me they were looking for someone to “help bring JourneyGuide to market.” Was I interested? Definitely.

At this point in my career, I’m only really interested in doing mission-driven work and JourneyGuide certainly falls into that category.  One thing I have learned along the way is that the key to a successful innovation and/or business is to ensure you’re solving a real problem. Making sure people don’t outlive their money and can have the lifestyle they want in retirement a big problem. I could quote a bunch of statistics about how few people feel confident that they are going to have enough money to get through retirement comfortably, how with declines in defined benefit pensions (a big safety net past generations had relied on) is no longer there. and about how we’re all living longer so our money has to last longer but… trust me, it’s a big problem. 

A problem this big requires new approaches or “inventions” if you will, and it’s hard to put a scope around or timeline on an invention.  When I joined JourneyGuide, I didn’t quite know the depth and breadth of what I was getting into. It’s been a tough journey (pun intended) but one that is going to result in positively impacting many, many lives. 

Soon we will launch JourneyGuide and it’s going to be a game changer. Without getting into too many features and functions, what I’m most excited about is the speed and simplicity of JourneyGuide. We are going to enable advisors to work interactively and efficiently with their clients. The more efficient the advisor can be, the more people they can help have the retirements they deserve. Not only is this a tremendous opportunity for an advisor looking to grow their business… but it’s also a tremendous boost in confidence for Americans preparing for retirement.

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Feel free to reach out to me directly – I’m excited to share JourneyGuide and see its impact on our industry. 

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